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Wednesday, April 26



Nate Adams Smith Curtis 322Increased Auditory Abilities Due to Cross-Modal Plasticity In The Blind Kelsey Benes Smith Curtis 320The Difference Between “Reel Life” and “Real Life”: A Content Analysis of Serial Killers in CBS’s Criminal Minds Meghan Peterson and Valeria Sigala Smith Curtis 242Why Preferred Pronouns? Susana Balderas Callen Conference RoomMindfulness Movement Riley Sigler Lucas 206Artist Talk Lindsay Bressman Smith Curtis 321How Much Touch DNA is Deposited on the Outside of Nitrile Gloves when they are Removed From Their Box and Donned For Use Meagan Reiners Smith Curtis 221Relationship Between Consumption of Caffeine and Quality of Sleep in Two Subcultures Ryan Klute Smith Curtis 122Socioeconomic Status & National Identity in regards to Neo-Isolationist Trends Christian Bansen Smith Curtis 235The Garden That Raised Me: Influence and Creative Development. Alli Bos, Stephanie Alvarado, Kai Friesen Great HallSynthesis and Quantification of Acetominphen An Ho Great HallTemplate Synthesis of a Novel Macrocycle Caitlynn Croner Great HallA UV-Sensor Cody Schilling Great HallSynthesis of Formazens and Spin  Crossover compounds Donn Marcussen Great HallMagnetic Susceptibility CeCe Hastreiter RFA 102Voice Lesson Audra Thramer Great HallFemale Navigation of the Weight Room Dalton Renner Great HallHanging It Up: Role Exit Theory and Leaving Men's Basketball Hailey Bird Great HallCampus Experiences of Openly Lesbian and Bisexual Women Jared Scdoris Great HallCollege Athletes: Balancing the Academics & the Sport While in Season Jesse Maguire Great HallMinority Students, Police Violence, and Thoughts for the Future Jodi Koellner Great HallA World Taken Over By Technology and Social Media John Freeland Great HallLeaving Religion Behind: Narratives of Religious Disaffiliation Jordan Arndt Great HallExploring the Presence of a Glass Ceiling With Women in Leadership Positions Kelsey Starr Great HallThe Relationship Between Depression and Marital Satisfaction Kevin Snyder Miller Lab TheatreTo the Sun








Sheffer Harbert Smith Curtis 322Issues of microbial infection in space Hannah Rittscher Smith Curtis 320Making a Major Decision Phil Volk Smith Curtis 220Sports Related Concussion Injuries in Athletes: A Case Report Valeria Sigala Callen Conference RoomBeyond Black and White: Changing Interracial Dynamics and Approaches to Race Meagan Reiners and Jesse Tenney Smith Curtis 225Caffeine Consumption and Quality of Sleep in Different Demographics. Sarah Alkaltham Lucas 206Artist Talk Mira Mejala Smith Curtis 321The Analysis of Lip Prints and its Reliability as a Forensic Tool Austin Coyle Smith Curtis 221Sleep Paralysis in Athletes vs. Non-Athletes Mike Malloy Smith Curtis 122The Flutie Effect: Do Winning College Football Teams Increase Enrollment? Mitch Heavican Smith Curtis 235Thompson v. Heineman: Analysis of the Keystone XL Case and Application of Dworkin's Chain Novel Theory Kerry Worley, Hailey Bird, & Jinni Barak Smith Curtis 242#WhyIMarch Amy Wahlmeier Great HallChemical Oxidative Polymerization of Polyaniline - A Practical Approach for Preparation of Smart Conductive Textiles Coehn Preble Great HallIsolation of SBLaccase Eli Lundak Great HallSynthesis of Benzophenone Emily Saxton Great Hall Felicia Phares Great HallEnzyme Kinetic Studies of Glutamate Dehydrogenase Mackenzie Maschka Great HallAnalysis of a Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Using Voltammetry Paul Wurtz Great HallMicro Fluidics Peyton Wetzel Great HallStudy of a Pendant Arm Macrocycle Sydney Skupa Great HallLysozyme Protein Stabilization using Amino Acids Bobbi Adams, Jessie Simons & Cora Yost Great HallSeparate or Together Callie Hensel, Hayden Kilgore, Cassie Newton & Miranda Zitek Great HallShh...Don't Wake the Baby Kelsey Chapek, Lakin Lynch, Devanne Martin &  Zach Petitt Great HallMan vs. Machine Ruth Wambui & Sydney Wergin Great HallHuman Trafficking: Creating Cognizance for victims in the Emergency Department (ED) Taylor Buhr, Camilla Erway & Ericka Lyons Great HallThe "Breast" Option Chase Powers Great HallThe Coexistence of Development and the Natural Landscape: A Photographic Investigation of the American Landscape Between Ryan Kulte Great HallEffects of Youth Participation on the Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014 Katie Auchter Miller Lab TheatreHappily Never After Cassidy Besse, Melanie Chohon, Trecor Cochrane, Brandon Dozler, Rylee Epp, Luke Gregerson, Connor Zimmer Emerson Recital HallComposition Recital























Michaela Wells Smith Curtis 222 Patrick  Smith Smith Curtis 322Shellshock to PTSD and Back Again Ryan Anderson Smith Curtis 242How Technology has changed and will continue to change the accounting world Nolinh Linebaugh Smith Curtis 320The Empowerment and Support for Cultures Crafted by Communication: An Analysis of the Asian Community and Cultural Cente Olivia Finnegan Theatre Green RoomHostel Environment II: The Return From Down Under Morgan Lenners Smith Curtis 221Effects of Dynamic vs. Static Stretching on Distance Running Performance Alexandra Rieke and Angeleau Scott Great HallThe effect of predator approach speed on the flight speed of fox squirrels (Sciurus niger) on a university campus Bailey Cerveny and Garrett Walvoord Great HallThe effects of predator approach speed on fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) flight initiation distance on a college campus Cole Robinson and Thao Tran Great HallWith increasing distance to refuge, do fox squirrels (Sciurus niger) trade nutritional value for ease of consumption? Ethan Cecava and Tucker Pell Great HallEffects of Quantity and Quality of Light on Nicotiana benthamiana Jacob Barrett, Riley Butler and Samantha Leyden Great HallEffects of Carbon Dioxide in Water on Growth and Chlorophyll Production Justin Hennessy and Jorge Hernandez Great HallThe Effects of Different Music Genres on Virus Spread Mikenzie Delgado and Ryan Schneider Great HallThe effects of sound on fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) flight initiation distance Samuel Simpson Great HallNaivete in fox squirrels (Sciurus niger) to predator vocalizations in rural vs. urban areas. Sydney Bonnett and Kassidy Jelinek Great HallLocation of Virus Inoculation and Initial Spread of TuMV in Nicotiana benthamiana Treyton Dawson and Rebecca Sowl Great Hallincreased distance to refuge causes fox squirrels (Sciurus niger) to increase flight initiation distance on Nebraska Wes Andrew Meier Great Hall Nic Mazour Great Hall Partick Herink Great Hall Voice Literature Final Performance Emerson Recital Hall







Antonio Diaz Mendez Smith Curtis 320A Semester Case Study at OutLinc Alex Main and Austin Ragland Great HallDiscovery and analysis of bacteriophages Keithstone and Pima Allison Marks Great HallStudy of Unhealthy Kin Recognition in Nicotiana benthamiana Plants Using TuMV Virus Emily Sandal and Alleysia Ugofsky Great HallDiscovery and analysis of bacteriophages SandySandal and Gold Katherine Briggs and Megan Carraher Great HallDiscovery of bacteriophages Slowerpoke & Briggs Mary Andrew and Samantha Green Great HallAn examination of the similarities between Sandylou and Tigerjones Michael Merical and Rebekah Brumfield Great HallAnalysis of bacteriophages CarlosDanger & Gretta1998 Sam Cole and Jack Hiller Great HallDifferential Effects of Visible Spectrum and Red Light on Nicotiana benthamiana and Brassica Rapa growth Sarah Riekenberg and Elizabeth Gajardo Great HallAnalysis of bacteriophages Havas & Incubaster Shelby Heberlee and Kami Kucera Great HallSearching for bacteriophages and discovery of Kucera & Chandeleir Tanner Resseguie and Trent Koehler Great HallEffects of visible light wavelengths on germinating Brassica raps seeds Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal O'Donnell Auditorium Brooke Graf Great HallPost -Operative Outcomes Using a Liposomal Bupivocaine Protocol Kristin Carmichael Great HallEffectiveness of Medication Administration Education on Medication Errors Lisa Lorenz and Amanda Saathoff Great HallRelationships between Admission Type, Diagnoses and Diagnostics on the Length of Stay in an Observation Unit? Michelle Broman Great HallPerceived Benefits of a Cancer Survivorship Program Sally Bach Great HallFluid Administration in Caesarean Section Patients Alex Wolfe Theatre Green RoomGravity: A Union







Candice Rastede Smith Curtis 320Caring for People: A Case Study of Center for the People in Need Philip Truong Smith Curtis 221Correlation Between Short-term Heart Rate Recovery and VO2 Max in Distance Runners Dayton Dolincheck and Aaron Decker Great Hall Elaine Hart and Caden Fritson Great Hall Elijah Washburn and Talitha Harrington Great Hall Johan Vizoso, Mackenzie Maschka, and Sydney Skupa Great Hall Morgan Shipley, Alison Kohl, and Makinzie Vandewege Great Hall Emily Schiltz Great HallScapular Dyskinesis in College-Aged Athletes Cater Lyons, Mackenzie Maschka, Joel Maxwell, Jordan Wheeler Great HallKirkman Packing Designs Alicia Olson Great HallOccurrence of the Michelangelo Phenomenon in Relationships: Is Friendships Enough? Ashley Josoff Great HallThe Michelangelo Phenomenon in Long Distance Relationships Evgeniya Vedernikova Great HallEmotional Differentiation and Emodiversity: Are they related? Jesse Tenney Great HallEffects of Biological Sex on the Public Perception of Police Officers Jessica Zavala Great HallThe influence of framing styles on perceptions of depression among men Maddi Baugous Great HallThe Effect of Emotional State and Emotion Regulation on Attitudes towards Advertisements Malory Dahl Great HallEffect of Masculinity and Femininity on Alcohol Consumption in Sport Team Members Torey Kogel Great HallLet's talk about sexism, baby: Perceptions of sexism from men versus women Jan Madsen Great HallPerinatal Nurses End of Life Training: A Study of Outcomes from Participants Completing a Perinatal End of Life Training







Sarah Young Smith Curtis 320The Importance of Arts in the Community: A Case Study of Communication within the Lincoln Arts Council Megan Witcig Smith Curtis 221Caffeine as a Performance Enhancing Drug for Aerobic Activity Dylann Pinkman Great HallPositive Pupils: Building Positive Emotions in Students Grant Traynowicz Great HallPositive Psychology in Physical Education: Building Resilience & Social Skills Gregory Chappelle Great HallGrowing the Growth Mindset Ian Thompson Great HallAdmit to Success: Best Practice for Admission Criteria in a Physical Therapist Assistant Program Isaac Jefferson Great HallDoes Good Character Predict Good Art Grades? Matt Macoubrie Great HallWhat is Success in School? Ryan Batenhorst Great HallIntentional Clinical Education within Paramedic Educational Programs Alex King, Sam Bates, and Justice Johnson Great HallUsing wood as an alternative method of producing Ethanol Allyson Levine, Ana Karen Tena, and Olivia Bolden Great HallTossed but not Forgotten: Pistachio Shells and Rice Hulls as Alternative Energy Sources for Ethanol Production Delaney Bartling, Brittney Donner, and Christine Olson Great HallLint as a Potential Biomass for Ethanol Fermentation Houston Hornby, Kali Pearson, and Andy Vasquez Great HallThe use of recycled paper as an ethanol production source for fuel Katelin O’Connor, Paige Polacek, and Hayden Falkinburg Great HallProduction of Ethanol in Gymnosperm Sawdust andAngiosperm Sawdust through Yeast Fermentation Ryan Kannegieter and Bailey Obersteadt Great HallAdding Corn Stalk to the Ethanol Mix Troy Sudduth, Mikayla Baldwin and Jessie Mohnsen Great HallEthanol Production Rates in Algae Compared to Corn Starch